Chapter 25 - Local and County Government


When analyzing local governments, think of it as one of those Russian nesting dolls. The biggest doll is, of course, the federal government. Inside that doll is a smaller state government doll. So far we've looked at the first two. Inside that third doll is where we begin the next chapter: county government. Inside the county government doll is a township or city government (geographically, Logan Township is larger, but the City of Altoona serves more people). And finally, the smallest doll is a village/borough government. Each larger doll has power or authority over the smaller one. Our job in this chapter is to look and see how the county, township, city, and village governments operate. Particular emphasis will be focused on Blair County, and Logan Township, the City of Altoona, and how we as citizens in these areas benefit from the services of local government. So to conclude this metaphor, think of our job as putting all the dolls back together into one piece!

Do you live in Altoona or Logan Township? Check the map & find out!

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