Chapter 24 - State (Pennsylvania) Government

So far this year, we've examined the functions of government at the national, or federal level. Each state, however, has a legislature that makes laws, an executive branch that enforces laws, and a judiciary that interprets the laws. At the heart of PA government is the vast bureaucracy that maintains many aspects of our lives, such as our schools, parks, highways, and many other aspects of our lives. Below, you will find resources that will be used throughout this chapter to better understand how our state government operates and how we, as Pennsylvania citizens, are expected to participate in it.

Pennsylvania Constitution
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US Constitution
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Webquest - Periods 1,2,3

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Expressed, Concurrent, and Reserved Powers Handout

Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Take a tour of the PA State Capitol!

This map shows the GDP output of each state and what the equivalent is in other nations around the world. GDP (gross domestic product) is the total production of goods and services in a year. As you can see, the economies of our states are so large that they equal the total output of entire countries!