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Chapter 20 and 24 - Criminal and Civil Law + Rights of the Accused

You've just been arrested for a crime you did not commit. What do you do now? If you pay attention to the content in these two chapters, you will learn all of your rights as a citizen accused of a crime. From a basic traffic ticket to a heinous felony offense, you will learn about the procedure involved before, during, and after a trial. Remember that not all cases deal with criminal law; civil cases involve collecting compensation or damages from another person or group of people. For Academic Civics students, these chapters will culminate in a week-long simulated classwide mock trial, where we will perform a criminal trial using the information we learned in the class and based on the "beyond reasonable doubt" burden of proof. Students will act as the witnesses, lawyers, and jury, having equal amounts of work and duties regardless of the position chosen. Students in Civics classes (periods 2,3,4) will do daily simulations about the arrest and trial procedures.

For Bellringer

PA Criminal Code (for first worksheet)

PA Sentencing Guidelines (for second chart worksheet)

Criminal Justice Acrostic
Acrostic - Periods 2,3,4

Why do we lock up so many people?

Hammurabi's Code

Civics Laptop Activity (4/19)

Law Games - Choose one

Also for help with the misdemeanor-felony-summary chart

Chapter 16.1 Notes - powerpoint

Chapter 16.3 Notes - powerpoint

Chapter 17.1 notes - Civil Law

17.2 notes - mandatory vs indeterminate sentencing

Notes on Juvenile Law - Chapter 17.4