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Chapter 18 - Judicial Branch

We now know that the legislative branch makes the laws and that the executive branch enforces them. The judicial branch is the group of courts and officials who interpret the laws of our country. While most attention in this chapter will be focused on the highest court in the United States, the Supreme Court, a vase majority of cases are actually decided in federal and state district courts, where they have original jurisdiction, or the ability to hear a case for the first time. In this chapter, we're going to examine how the courts are organized and what the difference is between original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction. Other attention will be focused on the outcome of landmark Supreme Court cases and how they have affected the laws that govern us in our daily lives.

Supreme Court - Westboro Baptist Church

(rubric for marking period 3 benchmark - Supreme Court case)

Analyzing a Supreme Court Case Worksheet

Little Rock Nine - Integration after Brown v. Board