Chapters 13-15 - Executive Branch

So far we've looked at the legislative branch and how a bill becomes a law. But who makes sure that the laws are actually being enforced and carried out? That's the job of the executive branch. Obviously the President of the US is the person most identified with the branch, but there are literally thousands if other people that make sure that laws are being carried out day-to-day. These three chapters will look at the powers and responsibilities of the president under Article II of the Constitution, as well as the responsibilities of the various executive departments under his watch. Note: Chapters 13-15 will be combined in a culminating exam.

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Chapter 13-14 Resources:

(Chapter 10 will be done piecemeal, or over several days. I suggest just printing the whole powerpoint out.)

Can the President be too strong? (Debate)

Presidential Approval Ratings (1950-Present)

Sporcle Games for Chapter 10 Material:

Chapter 15 Resources:
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Cabinet research rubric for all periods (2-8)

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