The Many "Hats" of the President - Chapters 13-14



The President of the United States wears many hats. No, I don't mean he's a big fan of putting things on his head; rather, it's a metaphor for the fact that the president must do a lot of different jobs as the leader of our country! For the next few days, you (in groups) will be researching one of the following roles below. As you research one the following roles, consider the following:
  1. If you had to summarize the role in a few sentences, what would you say about it?
  2. What SPECIFIC things does the president do to fulfill or carry out this role?
  3. How does this role benefit our nation?
  4. Find some current events that show this role in action. This should be tied back to your summary.

You will then present your findings to the rest of the class on Wednesday, (2/22). It will be your responsibility to take notes on what the other groups present.

Chief of State/Chief Citizen:

Chief Executive/Chief Administrator:

Chief Diplomat:

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces:

Legislative Leader:

Judicial Leader:

Party Leader:

General Resources for all Roles: