Chapter 03 - The United States Constitution
Without it, we have no government. The Constitution of the United States is, quite simply, the blueprint and rulebook for our government. This rather brief document explains the power balance between the three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial), the rights of the people, definition of citizenship, and the process for changing the Constitution, which we call amendments. This chapter will focus on each article, or section of the Constitution. Article I will explain what the legislative branch may or may not do, and the same goes for the Executive and Judicial Branches for Articles II and III, respectively. Articles IV-VII will also be examined to understand other functions of our government. Perhaps most importantly this chapter, we will look at how the Constitution affects us in ordinary life and the protections it gives us from abuses by our government.

Outlining the Constitution worksheet - originally assigned Oct. 29

(MP1 extra credit - Civics periods 2,3,7 - Due Nov. 2)

(Notes for Chapter 3.2)

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Cartoon Depicting the New Jersey and Virginia Plans.

Map demonstrating southern states' need for partial slave representation in the Three-Fifths Compromise.