Chapter 01 - Citizenship

Civics is the study of citizenship and the person's role as a member of a society and government. As such, this chapter will examine the role of the citizen in American society and how one becomes a citizen. We will examine such topics as naturalization, representation, apportionment, and other topics related to citizenship. Perhaps most importantly, we will observe the responsibilities of citizenship. As with all the other chapters, be sure to check below for all assignments and worksheets that pertain to this chapter.


Interactive 2010 Census Map
Interactive map showing data from the most recent (2010) Census.

Make your own census activity

Census data template
Article on illegal immigration

N300 - INS - Declaration of Intent

N400 - INS - Application for Naturalization

Citizenship Test (choose "50 questions")

Constitution Day Reading (for 9/15)
Study guide - Ch.1 (periods 5,6,8)

(assignment done in class on 9/13)

(in-class activity from 9/16)